Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to the Hamilton County Genealogical Society Blog!

Over the years, genealogy has evolved.  Increasingly more and more information is available to the genealogist online. There are opportunities to discover "cousins" through lists, and contact those researching common ancestors through Ancestry.  Blogs and wikis have enabled family historians to share their stories and collaborate with other family members.  But all of this new technology, while opening doors, can be intimidating to the uninitiated.

It was felt by a few of us that the time was right to create a blog dedicated to supporting the interests and needs of members of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society.  Many of our Chapter's members do not live in Hamilton County and may find a blog the perfect vehicle for sharing interests and working with other members of the Chapter.  Others may have created family history blogs of their own featuring Hamilton County ancestors and want to share them with others.  Some may want to increase their comfort level with these new technologies and want to learn from others who may have navigated the waters before them.  Still others may wonder what a "blog" is and have no idea how it could be useful.  We hope to address many of those needs.

Liz Stratton and Kathy Reed have volunteered to facilitate this effort.  We are seeking "authors" who would like to contribute articles to this blog pertaining to their own research, the use of technology in genealogy, or links to their own family history blogs.  We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the tabs at the top of the blog, still under construction.  Should you want to join us, please contact Kathy Reed at and put HCGS in the subject line.

Both Liz and I are interested in your feedback and open to your ideas.  Liz has also volunteered to chair an interest group for members interested in how technology can contribute to genealogy.  We are looking for other like-minded members to join us in this effort.

Welcome aboard as together we navigate the world that is 21st Century genealogy.

Kathy Reed