Friday, October 16, 2015

Did You Make a Reservation for the Heritage Luncheon on October 24th? WE'VE MADE IT EASY

The weather has been beautiful. Maybe you intended to make a reservation for the Heritage Luncheon to be held on October 24th. Perhaps you were interested in the program which includes an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. Maybe, just maybe, you've considered submitting your application to one of the HCGS Lineage Societies and want to know what that's all about. Well, here is your chance! And it's painless.

Just click on the link, choose your preference for lunch, and pay online. Reservations are due by midnight, Wednesday, October 21st. We would love to see you there.

Note: If you complete the online form, there is no need to submit the form included below. You will receive an email confirmation.

Submitted by: Kathy Reed