Links to Member Blogs

A River Runs Through Us (Kathy Reed) - This blog discusses the Jones Family in Cincinnati that has been anchored to the Ohio River and the boats that have traveled her since the 1840's.

Attics and Old Lace (Liz Stratton) - This blog journals the exploration of boxes of old family photos and memorabilia including notes on digitizing, cataloging and archiving a variety of materials.  Some posts relate to Cincinnati families.

Family Matters (Kathy Reed) - This blog describes the history of six generations of Joneses in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Additional German and Irish ancestors are also discussed. Surnames include: Jones, Ryan, von der Heide, Cronin, Probert, Dailey,Wainright, Reed and Hellmann.

Where2Look4Ancestors  (Laura Aanenson) - This is the story of a never ending quest to find my ancestors in England, France, Germany, Isle of Man, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and a few of these United States (including Cincinnati!).

Past Times Are My Pastime (Kym Pitman) - Providing links of interest to genealogists, tips for those interested in membership in lineage societies, and information about my own ancestors in the belief that in helping others to grow their family tree I and my own tree will grow as well.

Family Photo Reunion (Carol L. MacKay)
An archive of found family photos and artifacts for genealogists and historians. Some items from Cincinnati and Ohio, as well as from other US and Canada locations.

Blue Room Belch (Transcription by Kathy Reed) During World War II some patrons of Pharo's Cafe, an East End Bar in Cincinnati, created a newspaper for the local servicemen and women serving overseas. The articles in the Blue Room Belch were largely written by Lou Guntzelman with contributions from other bar patrons. The paper was then mailed to more than 60 people serving in the war.

The Last Leaf on This Branch (Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana)
I hope to create a blog that will be unique from the many others that are available, mainly by presenting my genealogy from a different perspective: the last leaf on this branch. I am the last in my family on our branch; sadly not by choice but by Divine Design. I guess I'd like to think that if my own tree won't continue to grow, perhaps I can help someone grow their own; that by helping people to understand their family histories I'll be contributing to human history in my own way.

Digging Down East (Pam Schaffner)
Recollecting the memories, collecting the stories, and researching the heritage of my Down East family, who came to this country and Atlantic Canada from England, Scotland, and Ireland, and settled in Portland, Maine.