Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kenny Burck Receives Griffin Yeatman Award

Wayne Coates presents the Griffin Yeatman Award to Kenny Burck
Every year Kenny Burck likes to host the end-of-the-year Board Meeting/picnic at his home. Anyone who has done anything to further the progress of HCGS during the year is welcome to attend. Kenny graciously welcomed Wayne Coates and Dave Pittinger from the Hamilton County Recorder's Office thinking that perhaps they had been invited by a Board member. Instead they were here to present Kenny with another award. Are there any awards that Kenny has not yet received?

Now Kenny can add the Griffin Yeatman Achievement Award to his collection. This award was created by the Hamilton County Recorder's Office in 1994 to recognize citizens and groups of Hamilton County who have volunteered their time and service to preserving and promoting the history of Hamilton County. The award is presented for excellence in historical preservation, research or achievement which has contributed to the preservation of buildings, sites, structures and objects pertaining to Hamilton County.

One need only look at the list of HCGS Publications to see that Kenny has been responsible for many publications that are of benefit to anyone researching genealogy in Hamilton County. In fact, if you want to thank Kenny personally, go to the link and purchase your own copy of his latest publication.

The Hamilton County Recorder's Office certainly knew what they were doing when they picked Kenny for this prestigious award. Congratulations, Kenny.

Submitted by Kathy Reed