Monday, December 9, 2013

Cincinnati's Terrace Plaza Hotel

December is a traditionally slow month for the Hamilton County Genealogical Society with no programs scheduled. However, our friends in the Genealogy and Local History Department at the Library have no such break. This Saturday at 2:00 PM, they will be offering a program and book launch on our iconic Terrace Plaza Hotel. Perhaps this book will fit the bill for someone on your list.

Listen to Shawn Patrick Tubb discuss the art and architecture of John H. Emery Jr's landmark Terrace Plaza Hotel, an American Modernist masterpiece built in Cincinnati in 1948. Take a break from the season's hustle and bustle.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Tracer Will Be Available Online December 1st

In anticipation of the December 1st publication of The Tracer, Editor Deb Cyprych released the Table of Contents for the upcoming issue. Just scanning the list makes me eager for the release date. So enjoy Thanksgiving and mark your calendar.

Researching Ohio’s GAR Posts:  
     Members of the Jackson Post in Dent, Jack Simon
2014 Annual Seminar  
Special 40th Anniversary Awards, Jeff Herbert        
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Chapter Website News, Jenny Davis   
Preserve the 1812 Pensions: $45 Donation Becomes $180!   
War of 1812 Records on Fold3          
Hamilton County Recorder’s Office Records to Be Added
     to FamilySearch, Jim Dempsey       
The Past Ten Years to Our 40th Anniversary, Jean Morrison
Another Forty Awards for Forty Years           
Irish Census Substitutes, LeeAnn McNabb       
2013 New Lineage Society Members and Pioneer Ancestors
     John Tholking      
Morgan’s Raid Claims in Hamilton County, Deb Cyprych      
Public Library Acquisitions, Mark Schmidt   
Book Review by Colleen Phillips: The Authentic History of
     Cincinnati Chili, Dann Woellert  
Annual Seminar Reservation Form     

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heritage Luncheon 2013 - Part II

Lester Horwitz, author of The Longest Raid of the Civil War, was the guest speaker at this year's Heritage Luncheon. This year is the 150th anniversary of the raid of Confederate John Hunt Morgan's raid across parts of Indiana and Ohio. The raid was planned as a diversionary tactic designed to keep Union troops busy in the north while Confederate General Bragg and his troops retreated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Following the battle of Stones River, Bragg and his troops had retreated to Tullahoma, Tennessee, a location Bragg felt was indefensible against the potential of an attack by Union Generals Henry Judah, William Rosencrans and Ambrose Burnside. Morgan's raid began with 2500 cavalry and ended with the surrender of 350 very tired men in West Point, Ohio. Of interest to us is the fact that Morgan and his men traversed much of Hamilton Co., stealing horses and provisions as needed to sustain this 1000-mile raid.

You may have noticed these signs posted around Hamilton County tracing the route Morgan and his men took through Hamilton Co. It must be remembered that the troops frequently separated into smaller groups as they searched out fresh horses and provisions, so the signs do not reflect all of the places affected by the raid. Deb Cyprych wrote a series of articles for The Tracer (see p. 23) documenting the claims for reimbursement from the state following the raid.

Sixty-five HCGS members and supporters attended this wonderful event. If you've never attended one in the past, consider attending next November when we welcome a new group of Lineage Society members -- including, perhaps, YOU!

Submitted by: Kathy Reed

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Heritage Luncheon and 40th Anniversary Celebration 2013 Part I

2013 Lineage Society Recipients
Photo Credits: John Tholking

Saturday, November 9th, HCGS held its annual Heritage Luncheon to honor recipients of the First Families, Settlers and Builders and Century Families awards. This year's event, held at the Clovernook Country Club, also celebrated the 40th Anniversary of HCGS. First Families welcomed Brandy Jo Potts Wheeler, Linda Kay Wheeler, Kathryn Elaine Kipp, Jerald Eugene Robinson, Carol Ann Franz, Betty Ann Wolfe, and Sarah (Keen) Raup Johnson to its ranks. Settlers and Builders recognized Peter Timothy Frame, William Edward Reed, John Patrick Wilshire, and Ellen Ruth Schiereck as new members. Linda Ann Eckert Wilshire added new ancestors through a Supplemental Application. Century Families recognized Jennifer Marie Moorman Davis, Mary Louise Reese Inwood, Jeffrey G. Herbert, Lawrence E. Hamilton, Jr., Ellen Ruth Schiereck. and Jean Ann Overmeier Nathan. Supplemental Applications were also accepted for Joseph "Roger" Poppel, Donna Marie White Mancini, and Gail Marie Burkholz.

Four members were honored for the continuing contributions they made to the chapter over its 40 years in existence. David Pittinger, Chief of Staff of the Hamilton County Recorder's Office, has worked tirelessly to assist genealogists with their research. Deb Cyprych, editor of the chapter's award-winning quarterly The Tracer, also served as the editor of the Ohio Genealogical Society's publication Ohio Genealogical News, for five years. Mary Remler served as the Cemetery Chair and was responsible for the publication of 21 volumes of Hamilton County Burial Records. Also honored, but unable to attend, was Barbara Wegley. Barbara has served as the Corresponding Secretary and on the Board for many years.

David Pittinger 

Deb Cyprych
Mary Remler

Have you ever wanted to become a member of one of the Lineage Societies? If you have a direct ancestor who was born or lived in Hamilton County at least 100 years ago today, you may qualify. Consider submitting an application. The application and rules for submission can be found on the HCGS website.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Monday, November 4, 2013

Researching a Veteran?

This Saturday, November 9th, we have the privilege of welcoming Curt Witcher, from the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, IN. Curt has served as president of both the Federation of Genealogical Societies and the National Genealogical Society and was also the founding president of the Indiana Genealogical Society. His presentation, "From Bayonets to Bombshells," will discuss the sources that are available to document the military service of our family members.

Many of us have tried to document the service of our ancestors from the Revolutionary War through the wars of the 20th Century. As we honor our country's veterans, what could be more appropriate than finding out how to uncover the hidden treasures about our ancestor's service? What surprises might you discover? Mark your calendar and bring a friend to the PLCH Main Library at 2:00 PM. 

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Friday, November 1, 2013

Website gone LIVE

The website development team for Hamilton County Genealogical Society (HCGS) has worked many months to develop a brand new website for both HCGS members and the general public. Numerous research guides have been created to help people find local records and access repositoriesforum is now available where members can discuss their "brick walls," ask questions about records access, offer ideas for HCGS programs, and more. 

Members can add Hamilton County related surnames to the online Surname List and search for ancestors in two new databases: Death Notices, 1827-1910 and Marriage Index, 1808-1884. Credit card or PayPal payments are now accepted for purchases from our online store Check out all these features and more at

While some features are available to the general public, others are for members only. Become a member today for as low as $10.

Member login instructions
HCGS recently mailed all members their membership renewal packet. Login instructions are contained within that packet. If you cannot locate it, visit the Members Area and click the ? icon next to the Login Name box. Enter your email address (the one associated with your HCGS membership).Your Login Name will be promptly emailed to you. Revisit the Members Area and click the ? icon next to the Password box to reset your password. Keep a record your Login Name and Password in a safe place. 

HCGS is excited to offer you our new website and all its features. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Annual Lock-In at the Library A Great Success

2013 Annual Lock-In at PLCH

More than 40 HCGS members and PLCH librarians had the opportunity to dig into their genealogical research at the library last Saturday evening. The library opens its departments to researchers after hours once-a-year. It is a genealogist's dream to be able to search through the books, make use of the computers and get personal advice from a staff of dedicated librarians who have knowledge of what the library has to offer, surrounded by others who share a passion for genealogy.

For the past two years, the HCGS Technology Program Committee has also offered short sessions on some of the latest technology that is available to genealogists. This year there were sessions on how to take advantage of familysearch, social media, dropbox and google books. Participants also had the chance to preview the new HCGS website that will be introduced on November 1st.

If you've never attended one of these events, you are missing out on a great opportunity to meet other HCGS members and become familiar with new "tricks of the trade." Thanks to everyone who made it such a special evening.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heritage Luncheon and 40th Anniversary Celebration

Perhaps you didn't notice, or like me, you just haven't turned in your reservation yet. Saturday, November 2nd, is our annual Heritage Luncheon combined with a celebration of our Chapter's 40th Anniversary. The Heritage Committee has worked hard to plan a great program and luncheon.

This is the 150th Anniversary of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's raid of Hamilton County. We literally have the person who "wrote the book" as a speaker. Author Lester Horwitz lives in a house that Morgan "visited" during the raid. Signs have been going up along the route that Morgan and his men took across Hamilton, Clermont and other Ohio Counties. So far, three members have submitted stories about how the raid directly impacted their answer. My First Family ancestor, Britton Wainright, died of heat stroke as he and other members of his community marched to confront Morgan. This is a part of our local history that may have impacted your ancestor.

We will also induct new members of the three lineage groups: First Families, Settlers and Builders and Century Families. For the first time, we actually are inducting a member whose ancestor was born a slave. Come celebrate with these members. Perhaps you'll be inspired to submit an application of your own.

The reservation form was included on the last page of The Tracer and is also available as a PDF file from our website. I'm going to get my reservation in today and hope you will do the same. Post any questions you may have.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Monday, October 7, 2013

YouTube Genealogy

We are fortunate in Cincinnati to have our own nationally-recognized genealogy speaker with Patricia Van Skaik, Manager of the Genealogy and Local History Department at the Main Library. Pat did a presentation at the 2013 Roots Tech Conference in Salt Lake City on how the YouTube platform can be used to bring your ancestors to life with video.

I, like so many others, was not in a position to travel to Salt Lake. But there is nothing stopping me from getting to the Main Library to take in this wonderful talk. If you are planning on attending, please click on our society's facebook page and let us know that you will be there. (While your at it, "like" the page and join more than 300 others interested in HCGS).

As an added bonus, stick around for a talk by Dr. Charles Dillard at 2:00 PM. Dr. Dillard is a direct descendant of the Black Brigade, a group of African-Americans who defended Cincinnati during the Civil War. Come learn the details.

Submitted by: Kathy Reed

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ask the Experts 2013 - Day at the Library

The "Experts" Share Their Expertise

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County hosted the annual "Ask the Experts" Day at the Main Library. Representatives of more than a dozen local genealogy and history groups were available for anyone hoping to better understand their family's history.

The day began with a talk by Deb Cyprych on how to find available 19th Century orphan records for Hamilton County. Deb has been working on this project for several years and her information is invaluable.  

Patricia Van Skaik Introduces Deb Cyprych

If you are a member of HCGS, you can log on to our website and look up these Tracer articles: 

Deb's talk included additional updates that have become available since these articles were published. She recommended that researchers check the website of the Cincinnati History Library Archives or plan a visit to take advantage of their vast collection.

Marion Crawford Stover discussed her experiences growing up in a northern Kentucky orphanage. She reiterated a point made earlier in the day by Deb Cyprych. Many children who lived in orphanages had one or two parents who were alive, but unable to care for their children. Alcohol was often a contributing factor.

If you've never attended one of these events, I can't recommend them enough. Plan to attend the 2014 Family History Day and check your calendars for the many other events that are scheduled for this month.

Patricia Van Skaik, Marion Crawford Stover and Chris Smith

Thursday, September 26, 2013

October Is Family History Month!

It happens every year. The days get shorter, the temperatures get cooler and our genealogical calendars fill up. This year is no exception. If you want to keep up with all of the events, go to the top of this blog and click on the "Calendar" tab. If you display the calendar in the agenda format, it will look like this.

From this you can see that there are many German programs. Kenny Burck will be presenting a program on "Local German Genealogical Resources" Thursday, October 3rd at the Kenton County Library. Kenny Burck and Deb Cyprych will teach a four-week course on "Reading Old German Script" at the Pleasant Ridge Library. Classes start the 14th. Jeff Herbert will discuss "Researching Your German Ancestor using Newspapers at the Otterbein Retirement Community on October 16th. Clicking on the event in the calendar tab (at the top of the blog) will provide you with additional details and a map to the event.

Saturday, October 5th is the Family History Fair at the Main Library. Tours of the Genealogy and History Department will be held between 10:00 AM and Noon. Deb Cyprych will be giving a presentation on the "Records of Children in Hamilton County Institutions" at 11:00 AM. She will discuss strategies for searching elusive historic children's records. From Noon - 2:00 PM, more than twenty experts with wide-ranging expertise will be available to discuss your individual genealogical challenges. At 2:00 PM, Marian Crawford Stover will discuss "Orphans with Parents -- A True Story." She describes her experience growing up in a northern Kentucky Orphanage with nine of her siblings, despite the fact that her parents were alive.

Other October events will be discussed in future posts. However, it may be a good time to get some of these not-to-be missed activities on your calendar now.  Hope to see you at the library.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Monday, September 23, 2013

Researching in Counties Surrounding Hamilton County

Elaine Kuhn introduces HCGS Members to new History and Genealogy Department

Last Saturday HCGS members had the opportunity to hear Elaine Kuhn of the Kenton County Library speak to us about "Hamilton County's Neighbors: Researching in the Surrounding Counties." Those of us involved in Hamilton County research have often found it necessary to track our elusive ancestors in nearby counties. It was not uncommon for early residents of Clermont County to relocate to Hamilton or Cincinnati Germans to move back and forth across the river to Kenton and Campbell Counties.

Elaine's talk made us aware of gems that may not have been obvious to those unfamiliar with the resources of surrounding counties. She even included a "not to be missed" suggestion of places to visit after completing your research. With Elaine's permission, I am including her list of libraries and societies for the seven counties that surround Hamilton and their links.

Butler County, Ohio






Boone County, Kentucky


Dearborn County, Indiana

Submitted by: Kathy Reed

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hamilton County's Neighbors

The New History and Genealogy Department
Photo Credit: Kenton County Library
Used with permission
This Saturday, September 21st, the Hamilton County Genealogical Society will kick off the 2013-14 season. Librarian Elaine Kuhn of the Kenton County Library will discuss the wonderful materials that are available to Hamilton Co. researchers just across the river in Covington, Kentucky.

Many early Cincinnatians lived on both sides of the river in the 19th Century, especially those of German descent. The population of the time was quite fluid, looking for jobs, cheap housing and churches that made them feel more at home. Those with Catholic ancestors are particularly fortunate as many of the early births, deaths, baptisms and marriages are available on microfilm. In addition the library has many resources including City Directories, online resources, historical newspapers and pictures, and even an online index of patients who were hospitalized at the "old" St. Elizabeth hospital. (I've personally uncovered some real gems from that resource).

For more than a year, the Kenton County Library has been undergoing a major remodel. A new second floor addition section is completely devoted to History and Genealogy. You can park directly across from the library in a public parking garage. Just remember to bring your ticket to the library to be scanned for free parking. This program will begin at 11:00 AM. You may want to stay and take advantage of all the library has to offer. Hope to see you then.


You can read more about the renovations by clicking on this link to the Kenton County Library blog.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Federation of Genealogical Societies Annual Conference in Fort Wayne August 20-24 was well attended. There were about a dozen Hamilton County chapter members there that we identified. If we missed you, sorry.  The photo collage shows the members that I managed to photograph along with some other attendees.  Didn't recognize Dick Eastman without the hat.

Photo Credit: Gail Burkholz

Jeff Herbert signed up a new member on the spot. He is from Missouri and is president of his local chapter. Go Jeff! That's recruiting new members.

One of our members, Pat Van Skaik, made two presentations at the conference.  The first one was on people who followed the rivers. The Cincinnati Hamilton County Library has a large collection on the inland rivers. Her next presentation was about a family, Delphi Benson's, she identified as living in one of the houses pictured in the 1848 Panorama of the Cincinnati riverfront. I went to this presentation and it was great. Keep looking at the calendar  - Pat may be doing this presentation at the Cincinnati Library in the future.  If she does - try to see it.

Overall it was a good conference.  If you ever have a chance to go to one of the conferences please try to attend. You will meet genealogists from all areas of the country and learn from them along with learning from the seminars/presentations.

Submitted by: Gail Burkholz

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remembering John H. Morgan's Raid 150 Years Later

I have always had a personal interest in "Morgan's Raiders." Researching the raid is what hooked me on genealogy. My gg-grandfather, Britton Wainright, died while on a march to confront Morgan and his band of raiders as they crossed over into Indiana near Louisville. We will hear all about the raid from author Lester Horwitz at our 40th Anniversary Celebration to be held on November 2nd. Mark your calendars. There are commemorations being held all across the state of Ohio beginning July 13th when Morgan crossed into Ohio at Harrison, Ohio. The Ohio Civil War 150 group sponsored by the Ohio Historical Society has published a list of these events.

The events in Harrison on July 13th include a reenactment of the raid between 1:00 and 2:00 and a Civil War encampment on display throughout the day. On Sunday, July 14th, there will be events in the Sharon Woods Village, the Gorman Heritage Farm and the John Hunt House in Blue Ash. To read about each individual event, click on this link.

Note: This list is an image -- you must click on the link button in red above to read about each event.

I will be thinking about my gg-grandfather, born in Cincinnati in 1819. He was the grandson of a Revolutionary War soldier. Thanks to the National Archives, I have copies of handwritten letters describing Britton Wainright's death from heat stroke on July 9th, 1863. Here is a sample of one of the letters:

Transcription: From the account of Captain Thomas S. Kunkle, commander of a company in the 7th Regiment of the Indiana Legion.

"That Britton Wainright was a private in said Co. That he was a healthy able-bodied man at the time he entered said service. That while he was engaged in the line of his duty in said service . . . to meet the rebels under John Morgan, he became overheated and fell in the ranks, and he died from said overheating about half an hour after he fell in the ranks on said day while in the line of his duty in said service. That he was a good man made a good soldier and did his duty well and cheerfully, and had nothing the matter with his health previous to said marching."

Britton was one of about four documented cases of people dying of heat stroke on that very hot July day. In one case, a woman carrying water to the soldiers fighting a skirmish in Corydon, also succumbed.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Gazette Now Online

The July Gazette is now online. You can find it on the HCGS Website at by clicking on this link. Listed are some of the events scheduled from August - November.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kenny Burck Receives Griffin Yeatman Award

Wayne Coates presents the Griffin Yeatman Award to Kenny Burck
Every year Kenny Burck likes to host the end-of-the-year Board Meeting/picnic at his home. Anyone who has done anything to further the progress of HCGS during the year is welcome to attend. Kenny graciously welcomed Wayne Coates and Dave Pittinger from the Hamilton County Recorder's Office thinking that perhaps they had been invited by a Board member. Instead they were here to present Kenny with another award. Are there any awards that Kenny has not yet received?

Now Kenny can add the Griffin Yeatman Achievement Award to his collection. This award was created by the Hamilton County Recorder's Office in 1994 to recognize citizens and groups of Hamilton County who have volunteered their time and service to preserving and promoting the history of Hamilton County. The award is presented for excellence in historical preservation, research or achievement which has contributed to the preservation of buildings, sites, structures and objects pertaining to Hamilton County.

One need only look at the list of HCGS Publications to see that Kenny has been responsible for many publications that are of benefit to anyone researching genealogy in Hamilton County. In fact, if you want to thank Kenny personally, go to the link and purchase your own copy of his latest publication.

The Hamilton County Recorder's Office certainly knew what they were doing when they picked Kenny for this prestigious award. Congratulations, Kenny.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Thursday, May 30, 2013

John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail

If you haven't heard the "buzz" about John H. Morgan and his raid into Indiana and Ohio in July 1863, you certainly will. Signs are going up all over Hamilton County in preparation for the 150th anniversary. The library is sponsoring a talk at the Main Library on Saturday, June 1st at 2:00 PM. Although this program is not sponsored by HCGS, genealogists and historians will definitely enjoy this talk. Several of us attended the same talk when David Mowery presented at the Deer Park Branch library. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Here is a copy of the flyer that the library has created for this event. Hope to see you there.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding Your Ancestors in Federal Court Records

If you are like me, you are unaware of the genealogical resources that are available to us because the U.S. District Court is located in Cincinnati. Additionally, you may not be aware that we are privileged to have a member, Pam Schaffner, who is the District Court Librarian. Earlier this month we were fortunate to have a talk presented by Pam at the Main Library.

Pam led us through the complicated history of the District Courts as our young country struggled to define legal jurisdiction at the same time that we were rapidly adding states. She gave us an overview of the kinds of cases that have been decided by the Circuit Courts.

Many of us were surprised to find out that the Court has some naturalization records. After a period of time, all records stored locally are forwarded to the NARA for permanent storage.In the process of preparing for this talk, Pam discovered some long-forgotten records that should have been forwarded to NARA but were still housed here.

Pam brought the resources of the District Court alive by referring to a famous Cincinnati case that involved our own local bootlegger, George Remus. There are several books available on  Amazon that discuss this colorful citizen of Price Hill.
One interesting point was that George Remus acted as his own attorney in a case where he claimed to be not guilty by reason of insanity. What's even more insane as that he won the case! The citizens of Cincinnati did not seem to take kindly to any efforts aimed at limiting their beer consumption.

Pam Schaffner
There is no way I can do justice to the wealth of information provided by Pam that day. Luckily for us, she is  a member, local, and runs the Circuit Court Library. If you have questions about these resources, I suggest you visit her blog, Digging Down East, and leave a comment. After all, bloggers love comments!

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finding Your Ancestors in Federal Court Records

HCGS Chapter member, Pam Schaffner, will be the speaker for our May meeting at the Main Library on Saturday, May 11th. Pam works as the librarian for the U.S. Court of Appeals and can make us aware of the treasures that may be a part of this little-known resource. She will feature the case of bootlegger, George Remus. Mark your calendar for what I am sure will be a wonderful program.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hamilton County Genealogical Society Receives Numerous Recognitions at OGS 2013

Jeff Herbert, Sunda Anderson Peters, Deb Cyprych, Kenny Burck, and Jim Dempsey
The culmination of the 2013 Ohio Genealogical Society Conference held in Cincinnati gave our local chapter plenty to cheer about. Our chapter was the recipient of the Outstanding OGS Chapter Award which nicely coincided with our 40th Anniversary.

Jim Dempsey and Sunda Anerderon Peters
In addition, several members were the recipients of additional recognitions. Jim Dempsey was awarded the "Outstanding OGS Chapter Officer" for all of his work as both the HCGS Webmaster and his tireless efforts to preserve Hamilton County records.

Kenny Burck,Sunda Anderson Peters,
Maureen Applegate

Kenny Burck received the prestigious OGS Fellow Award. This is awarded to a person who does their job over and above what is required. Among Kenny's accomplishments"

• Served as a Vice President to OGS for 7 years
• Served as a Conference Chair 4 times
• Chapter Management Chairman for 14 years
• Publisher of many genealogical books
• Held officer, including Chapter President, for many years in his local chapter

Deb Cyprych and Sunda Anderson Peters

Our wonderful Tracer editor, Deb Cyprych, received the Frances Dana Gage Award in the Newsletter category.

Jeff Herbert, Sunda Anderson Peters,
 Maureen Applegate
Chapter President, Jeff Herbert, received the U.S. Grant Award  for the following publications:
“Hamilton County Ohio, Burial Records, Vol. 19 Old St. Joseph German Cemetery, 1845-1879” & “Hamilton County Ohio, Burial Records, Vol. 20 St. John German Cemetery, 1849-1879”

The Tecumseh Award was awarded to Kenny Burck for “A Guide to Genealogical Resources in Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio 6th Edition”, complied by Connie Stunkel Terheiden & Kenny Burck.

On Friday about 40 chapter members celebrated our anniversary with cake, company and stories. It was exciting to see so many active, committed members who have continued the legacy that began with a small group holding its first meeting at a home in Wyoming 40 years ago.

Photo Credits: John Tholking
Submitted by:  Kathy Reed

Friday, April 12, 2013

Want to Become a Blogger?

Blogging is a great way to share your family history research with others. Just this morning I was contacted by someone in Australia to see if there was a link between my Ryans from Pallasgreen, County Limerick and his Ryans. I've been amazed at how a simple blog has resulted in online friendships and contacts with people from around the world. So how do you get started?

I'm pleased to announce that I will be teaching a series of three classes on blogging. To register, please read the requirements below and check your calendar. These are hands-on classes where you will be able to set up your blog online. If you have any questions, please email me with BLOG CLASS in the subject line. Five people have already enrolled and there are 18 computers in the lab. To guarantee a spot, please contact me as soon as possible.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Friday, April 5, 2013

Parking Advice for the OGS Conference

Can you believe it? It's the fifth day of April and the OGS Conference is three weeks away! Kenny Burck, one of the conference organizers, asked me to share this helpful information on parking for the conference.
Please, If you are attending the Ohio Genealogical Society Conference at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati, NO ONE should park in the Millennium hotel parking garage unless you live a pampered life and have plenty of money, or you have a special need that might require this convenience. There are three VERY convenient options that are extremely close and only cost (the last time we checked) either $5.50 or $8.00 per day.
You can unload your belongings at either the north side or the south side of the hotel. If you need help with your luggage I would unload at the south side of the hotel on Fifth Street. If you need no help with your luggage I would unload on the north side of the hotel at the Sixth Street entrance. Do NOT let them take your car. After you unload, you can VERY conveniently use the City of Cincinnati parking garage directly and diagonally located across the street for $8.00 a day (see location of all parking garages in the registration brochure.) It is a VERY short walk to the north side entrance of the hotel. In the unlikelihood that this parking garage is full, there is another City of Cincinnati parking garage next to that one (but a little further away) also for $8.00 a day.
If your are German (or prefer a less expensive life style such as myself) you may choose the parking garage one block north of the hotel (at 7th & Elm Streets) at (the last time we checked) $5.50 a day. This is NOT an option if you are staying overnight on Saturday because this garage is closed late Saturday night and not open on Sunday to get your car to go home. Of course you can move you car to one of the other parking garages on Saturday if you choose. This entire area is in a part of town that has much lower traffic (except at rush hour) is not as confusing as you might think. If you have ANY parking questions or issues, phone my cell # at 513-260-0238 and I will assist you now or as you are arriving into downtown Cincinnati. We have a safe and walkable downtown area of the city where the hotel is located.
Submitted by Kenny Burck

NOTE: Conference registration and information is available at the OGS website