Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Annual Lock-In at the Library A Great Success

2013 Annual Lock-In at PLCH

More than 40 HCGS members and PLCH librarians had the opportunity to dig into their genealogical research at the library last Saturday evening. The library opens its departments to researchers after hours once-a-year. It is a genealogist's dream to be able to search through the books, make use of the computers and get personal advice from a staff of dedicated librarians who have knowledge of what the library has to offer, surrounded by others who share a passion for genealogy.

For the past two years, the HCGS Technology Program Committee has also offered short sessions on some of the latest technology that is available to genealogists. This year there were sessions on how to take advantage of familysearch, social media, dropbox and google books. Participants also had the chance to preview the new HCGS website that will be introduced on November 1st.

If you've never attended one of these events, you are missing out on a great opportunity to meet other HCGS members and become familiar with new "tricks of the trade." Thanks to everyone who made it such a special evening.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heritage Luncheon and 40th Anniversary Celebration

Perhaps you didn't notice, or like me, you just haven't turned in your reservation yet. Saturday, November 2nd, is our annual Heritage Luncheon combined with a celebration of our Chapter's 40th Anniversary. The Heritage Committee has worked hard to plan a great program and luncheon.

This is the 150th Anniversary of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's raid of Hamilton County. We literally have the person who "wrote the book" as a speaker. Author Lester Horwitz lives in a house that Morgan "visited" during the raid. Signs have been going up along the route that Morgan and his men took across Hamilton, Clermont and other Ohio Counties. So far, three members have submitted stories about how the raid directly impacted their answer. My First Family ancestor, Britton Wainright, died of heat stroke as he and other members of his community marched to confront Morgan. This is a part of our local history that may have impacted your ancestor.

We will also induct new members of the three lineage groups: First Families, Settlers and Builders and Century Families. For the first time, we actually are inducting a member whose ancestor was born a slave. Come celebrate with these members. Perhaps you'll be inspired to submit an application of your own.

The reservation form was included on the last page of The Tracer and is also available as a PDF file from our website. I'm going to get my reservation in today and hope you will do the same. Post any questions you may have.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

Monday, October 7, 2013

YouTube Genealogy

We are fortunate in Cincinnati to have our own nationally-recognized genealogy speaker with Patricia Van Skaik, Manager of the Genealogy and Local History Department at the Main Library. Pat did a presentation at the 2013 Roots Tech Conference in Salt Lake City on how the YouTube platform can be used to bring your ancestors to life with video.

I, like so many others, was not in a position to travel to Salt Lake. But there is nothing stopping me from getting to the Main Library to take in this wonderful talk. If you are planning on attending, please click on our society's facebook page and let us know that you will be there. (While your at it, "like" the page and join more than 300 others interested in HCGS).

As an added bonus, stick around for a talk by Dr. Charles Dillard at 2:00 PM. Dr. Dillard is a direct descendant of the Black Brigade, a group of African-Americans who defended Cincinnati during the Civil War. Come learn the details.

Submitted by: Kathy Reed

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ask the Experts 2013 - Day at the Library

The "Experts" Share Their Expertise

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County hosted the annual "Ask the Experts" Day at the Main Library. Representatives of more than a dozen local genealogy and history groups were available for anyone hoping to better understand their family's history.

The day began with a talk by Deb Cyprych on how to find available 19th Century orphan records for Hamilton County. Deb has been working on this project for several years and her information is invaluable.  

Patricia Van Skaik Introduces Deb Cyprych

If you are a member of HCGS, you can log on to our website and look up these Tracer articles: 

Deb's talk included additional updates that have become available since these articles were published. She recommended that researchers check the website of the Cincinnati History Library Archives or plan a visit to take advantage of their vast collection.

Marion Crawford Stover discussed her experiences growing up in a northern Kentucky orphanage. She reiterated a point made earlier in the day by Deb Cyprych. Many children who lived in orphanages had one or two parents who were alive, but unable to care for their children. Alcohol was often a contributing factor.

If you've never attended one of these events, I can't recommend them enough. Plan to attend the 2014 Family History Day and check your calendars for the many other events that are scheduled for this month.

Patricia Van Skaik, Marion Crawford Stover and Chris Smith