Sunday, October 28, 2012

Meeting with the African-American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley (AAGGMV)

Meeting of the African-American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley

Last January, several members of the society met to try to come up with a Long-Range Plan for HCGS.
Several committees were formed and tasks assigned.

It was felt that our society could do a better job of reaching out to other genealogists in under-served communities. We have an African-American interest group that has been largely inactive. We do, however, have about 20 members who expressed an interest in African-American genealogy. 

Gail Burkholz was one of the members who offered to be a liaison between our society and other genealogical communities, including the Jewish and African-American communities. One of our goals is to see if there are ways that we could work together without duplicating each others efforts.

At the "Ask the Experts" Day, Kathy Reed spoke with Joyce Coleman who has been a member of HCGS. Kathy had not been aware of the existence of a regional genealogical group serving the African-American community for the past 12 years. The African-American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley serves not only Cincinnati, but Dayton, Springfield, Yellow Springs and other towns within the region. In subsequent conversations, Joyce invited Kathy Reed, Gail Burkholz and Linda Dietrich to attend their monthly meeting that was being held at the Main Library this past Saturday.

What a vibrant group! In discussions with group members, we agreed that we did not want to "reinvent the wheel," but rather collaborate in a way that would be of benefit to both groups. One of the members, author Larry Hamilton, readily agreed to speak to HCGS at a program in February. Several members stayed for the Library Lock-In and attended some of the Tech sessions in the Computer Lab. 

Gail, Linda and I became members of AAGGMV. Some of their members are already members of HCGS, and others may potentially join. I, for one, look forward to what we can do together. If you are one of the HCGS members who has expressed an interest in African-American genealogy, leave a comment. Together, we can assist you with your research goals.

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  1. it was really great meeting all the members of AAGGMV yesterday. we will have more details about the February program with author Larry Hamilton very soon. thanks to all who made us feel so welcome!


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