Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Heritage Luncheon

Scenes from the Heritage Luncheon
On Saturday, November 3rd, the Hamilton County Genealogical Society held its annual Heritage Luncheon. First Families, established to pay tribute to pioneers who resided in Hamilton County by 1820, welcomed seven new members and their 27 ancestors to the society: William H. Hammitt, Gene Baker, Mary McConnell, Jennifer Carver, Jennifer Bornemann, Sharon Kay Allen Michael, and Joyce Ann Brecount Wolf.
Karen Klaene Welcomes New Members
Photo Credit: John Tholking
The Settlers and Builders lineage group recognizes ancestors who lived in Hamilton County between 1 January 1821 and 31 December 1860. Five new members were welcomed into the group with an additional two members identifying additional ancestors who qualified for inclusion. Five new members and their 36  ancestors were inducted into the group: Robert Raymond Hare, Mary Elizabeth Weiland Benko, James William Rettig, Jeffrey Gerard Herbert, and Mary Louise Reese Inwood. Kathleen Jones Reed and Dolores Jean Christopher D'Errico added seven additional ancestors to their ancestors previously accepted.

Settlers and Builders
Photo Credit: John Tholking
The Century Families lineage group recognizes families who arrived in Hamilton County between January 1, 1861 and 100 years prior to today. New members include: Peter Timothy Frame, James Joseph Christen, Joanne Mary Kriege Nie, and Barbara Jean Kaiser Pharo. These four members added 27 ancestors to the rosters. Four members submitted supplemental applications acknowledging nine additional ancestors. Those submitting supplemental applications included: Kathleen Jones Reed, Joseph Roger Poppel, Donna Marie White Mancini and Mary Louise McElfresh Strickley. 

Century Families Recipients
Photo Credit: John Tholking
Craig Heimbach
The Guest Speaker for the event was Craig Heimbuch, an award-winning journalist and author of "Chasing Oliver Hazard Perry, Travels in the Footsteps of the Commodore Who Saved America."  His talk was timely, as this year marks the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 in which Ohio played a significant role. Commodore Perry's role in the naval battle on Lake Erie against a previously undefeated British Navy, does not get the recognition it deserves in the American consciousness.

Thanks to the members of the Hamilton County Lineage Groups who work throughout the year to encourage and assist applicants, review applications, and plan for the annual Heritage Luncheon. Should you have ancestors who qualify, consider submitting an application.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

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