Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sometimes the Stars Just Align!

Bill Graver and Liz Stratton
The Final Practicum of Searching Land Records for Genealogical Gold will be on Saturday, April 19th. Liz Stratton's topic will be an Introduction to Property Maps. Participants will use online resources to locate properties using online historic and contemporary maps. There will be a brief introduction to land platting.

At a recent Practicum, Liz was discussing how to use published sources to locate Hamilton County land records. She cited several sources authored by Bill Graver. At this point, one of the participants made Liz aware that Bill Graver was attending the lab! What a treat for us all. Bill, gracious as always, was thrilled to see that we were getting hands-on experience in the use of these materials.

Next Steps: Many of the images are now online. We have resources to understand them and many of us have learned the basics. Bill Graver's invaluable books available on our website (, see "Property Records, etc.":

Hamilton County, Ohio, Guide to Recorder's Indexes and Documents, 1794-1988

Hamilton County, Ohio, Index to Early Deed Books, 1804-1806 and 1814-1817

Hamilton County, Ohio, Index of People, Roads, Churches, etc., on 1835, 1847, 1848, 1869, 1884 Maps and Atlases

Cincinnati, Ohio, Index to Property Owners & Streets in 1895 and 1897 Atlases: River to Liberty, Freeman to Mt. Adams

Locating land records in Hamilton County using geographical indexes can be a complex process. In the future, Liz Stratton has agreed to create a video summarizing the steps. We look forward to offering more programs in the future related to this topic -- so stay tuned!
Submitted by Kathy Reed

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