Monday, August 11, 2014

Proposed Bipartisan Legislation to Change the VA Policy on Veteran Headstones

Grave of Civil War Veteran Jesse Flinn in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Jim Dempsey forwarded this article to me for possible inclusion in the blog. Since it is an article that discusses a bill with bipartisan support, I have included it in this blog. If you have an ancestor who served in the military and was buried without a headstone, this new policy may allow the Veterans' Administration to supply a headstone.The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County confronted this issue a couple of years ago. They wanted to honor seven African-American Civil War Veterans buried in the Wesleyan Cemetery without a headstone. In some cases, they could not locate a descendant, making them ineligible to receive one according to the VA rules in place at the time. So it is with great excitement that I share this link.

Thank you, Jim, for the good news.

Legislation to Provide Headstones to All Veterans

Submitted by Kathy Reed

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