Thursday, September 17, 2015

Copies of Sacramental Records Are Now Available from the Archives of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Chancery Archives of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Beginning in 2012, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Archives underwent an extensive move and reorganization. Previously located at 212 E 8th Street in a rented building, the Archdiocese decided to move the Archives to a building that it owned and that would be designed for the preservation needs of the records. At new site was selected at 25 E 8th Street in a building that the Archdiocese has owned since 1943 when it became “Chancery Hall.” Having sat empty for a number of years, the building was renovated for the records, including a climate controlled stacks room, high density storage units, and LED lighting. During the 2 ½ year renovation process the Archives was closed to researchers.
We are happy to announce that the Archives is now accepting genealogical requests for sacramental records -- baptism, marriage, death, confirmation, first communion -- created before 1930. Genealogists can visit the website listed below and either submit an online form electronically or make a printout to send in the mail.  Telephone calls and email requests will not be accepted.  For a fee of $25.00, researchers can request up to four (4) specific names and type of records.  The payment is non-refundable, but if no records are found, an explanation of what records were searched will be provided.  The Archives can devote up to one hour per request, so researchers are encouraged to consult published sources before submitting their requests.  For example, if the specific parish is not known, please provide the best address you can find.  Name variations are also helpful. Please note that the Archives does not hold cemetery or adoption records. The Archives is not set up for genealogists to come in person to do research.    

Visit the Catholic Archives website for more information and instructions on how to submit a request.  

 Submitted by Julie Ross
Sarah Patterson - Archivist

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