Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Over-the-Rhine Then and Now

Anne Delano Steinert
Project Curator
Photo Credit: lookhereotr.org
At our January Board Meeting, several members reported that they had seen news coverage about a project taking place in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood,curated by Anne Delano Steinert in the Over-the-Rhine area. Jeff Herbert and I promised to look into it.

Anne, with the support of several other organizations, identified several landmarks in the OTR community, and set out to compare the current with pictures from the past. A website has been developed that explains the project, its goals and its partners. The pictures that are displayed around the neighborhood from now until the end of March are featured in a slideshow. You can click on an interactive map of the locations.

I spoke with Anne to try to understand why the pictures will only be available through March. She explained that they had to apply for permits to post and display the images. She is offering two walking tours in March, with the possibility of additional events.

Credit: http://www.lookhereotr.org

The website also includes information on how you can create a similar project for your own neighborhood. As we look forward to spring, you may want to save the date for one or both of these events.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

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