Friday, July 1, 2016

Announcing a New DNA Interest Group

Southwest Ohio DNA Interest Group

For the last several years, more and more genealogists have shown an interest in learning how DNA could be used to confirm traditional genealogical research. This is referred to as Genetic Genealogy. In response to this need, I am proposing a new DNA Interest Group that would be regional in nature and serve, not only Hamilton County, but the surrounding region. I have contacted other DNA leaders in this region and have their support.

My vision is that we would present everyone with the “basics” and move on as rapidly as possible to some of the more advanced application topics.  At the initial program, the major companies that do DNA testing for genealogical purposes would be discussed, as well as the types of available tests. Participants would be strongly encouraged to purchase an autosomal test. Programs would be “stand-alone” with members choosing those that would be of interest to them. Introductory programs would consist of two parts:  1) an introductory lecture, and 2) the opportunity to work with your own data with the assistance of other participants.

Some of the proposed topics include:
      1)      Overview of companies and available tests
      2)      Autosomal tests
      3)      Y-DNA tests
      4)      MtDNA tests
      5)      Understanding Ethnicity Estimates

Applying Your Results

 1)      Gedmatch
 2)      Genome Mate Pro
 3)      DNAgedcom
 4)      Don Worth’s Visualizing Your Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer
 5)      DNA Land

These are just suggestions. Topics and their order of presentation are open for discussion.
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may be interested. Pam White (Butler Co.) Nan Harvey (Bloomington, IN) and I (Hamilton Co.) are all attending the Advanced Genealogy Course to be held in Pittsburgh at GRIP in July. I’m sure we’ll have more ideas after that.  Thoughts? 

Please email me, Kathy Reed, at if you would like to be on a mailing list for this Interest Group or have any questions.

Please feel free to distribute this to others you think would be interested.

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