Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Next Stop: Cincinnati Public Library"

Looking for a way to celebrate the opening of Cincinnati's new streetcars? Get off at the stop near the main library for two presentations that feature the history of transportation in Cincinnati:

Saturday, September 10, 1 pm, "It's a Family Affair: Cincinnati's Early Streetcar Drivers, Conductors and Mechanics" will be presented by Patricia Van Skaik in the main library Atrium. This talk includes an HCGS board member's ancestor.

Sunday, September 11, 2 pm, "Moving Cincinnati: A History of Trolleys, Cable Cars, Inclines and Streetcars" will be presented by Rob J. Wimberg in the main library Atrium.
Transportation touched our ancestors lives in ways difficult to anticipate. My first cousin twice removed made the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer when she was involved in an accident in 1923. Her death was one of many that spurred changes in Cincinnati's traffic safety laws. "Sepia Saturday 98: Chaos in the Streets" gives more details. This is not the same ancestor that Patricia features in her talk. To learn who is a descendant of a transportation worker, you'll have to attend on the 10th!

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