Saturday, June 16, 2018

Searching for William Henry Jones by Jon Nedry

The Southwest Ohio DNA Interest Group (SWOHDNA) welcomed a new member, Jon Nedry, to our last meeting. Jon is new to this area. He formerly took two GRIP (Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh) courses on Genetic Genealogy and is active in working with DNA to solve genealogical problems with his research. He is very active in the DNA community, and we are lucky to have him here with us.

We were able to share his presentation online and record it for our website. Unfortunately, the MidPointe Library West Chester is still experiencing some problems with their internet connection, and sound quality deteriorated to some degree after about 40 minutes. If you missed the meeting and want to view the video, click on this link, It will also be added to the website.

Jon introduced us to the McGuire method which involves a creating a specialized chart developed by Lauren McGuire to keep track of the DNA results of all tested cousins related to a particular research subject. Lauren explained her method in a guest post published on Blaine Bettinger's blog The Genetic Genealogist.

I'm sure all participants readily recognize the potential value of this tool. At the same time, we agreed that understanding something like this would require a session in itself.  Blank templates of this chart are available in Blaine Bettinger's facebook group, Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques. Check for these and other templates in the "files section." If you are on facebook, you may want to consider joining this group.

Hopefully, Jon will volunteer to come back another time.

Submitted by Kathy Reed

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