Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Griffith's Valuation with Mary Ann Faloon

Mary Ann Faloon
Mary Ann Faloon, Chairman of the Irish Interest Group for the Hamilton County Genealogical Society was the Guest Speaker for the Kenton County Library's Congenealogy Group.  Due to the current renovations at the library, the meeting was held at the Baker-Hunt Arts and Cultural Center on Greenup St. in Covington, Kentucky.

Those in attendance were really in for a treat.  Learning how to navigate Irish genealogical records can be a daunting task.  Mary Ann was able to lead us through the various kinds of records available for researching Irish ancestors.  Tithes were collected to support the Church of Ireland.  The "County Cess" was created to support the needs of the counties.  The Griffith's Valuation was based on any occupant of the land, regardless of whether or not they owned land. 

Various acts passed in 1826, 1848 and 1852 determined what was to be assessed.  After 1838 the country was divided into Poor Law Unions and after 1852, all assessments were organized by Poor Law Unions.

We learned of the unintended consequences that made it much more profitable for landlords to evict their tenants and level their homes rather than pay the assessed taxes.  Mary Ann tracked a few select individuals through the various records so that we could better understand how the records complement each other to provide a fairly good picture of an individual ancestor.

We were provided with a list of terms and related resources.  Some items, including the Griffith's Valuation, are available online.  Townland Maps and 6" Maps are available in the Genealogy and History Department of the Cincinnati Public Library. Still other records are on microfilm which can be ordered and placed on loan at your local Family History Library.

Once again I am amazed at the expertise that can be found within the membership of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society -- one more reason to become actively involved. 

Jan Mueller of the Kenton County Library was our host for the evening.  Anyone interested in other programs sponsored by the Congenealogy Group can ask to be put on a mailing list.  Jan's email address is:

Listed are some online resources that can be used to aid you in your Irish Genealogy.

Baker-Hunt Arts and Cultural Center

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