Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Genetic Genealogy -- What Do You Think?

Disclaimer:  I have no financial interest in 23andme.  The information discussed is provided only as an aid for those who have wondered about the advantages and possible disadvantages of providing a DNA sample for genealogical purposes.  I have also used the services of FamilyTreeDNA.  Each company has its advantages. 

I already knew that several members of our chapter have roots from the Niedersachsen/Oldenburg area of northwest Germany.  After all, this is Cincinnati.  John Tholking, Karen Klaene, Kenny Burck, Leo Christen and I can all trace at least one line to that area.

About a month ago, I had a conversation with John Tholking about my von der Heide line.  When I came to the monthly Board meeting, imagine my surprise when he handed me some research showing not only the von der Heide's, and Cohorst (John's family) surnames crossing paths, but also the Klaene surname.  It makes you wonder.  Are we "cousins?"

Recently I submitted a sample of my DNA to an organization called 23andme.  The "23" refers to the 23 chromosomes that each of us inherits from both our mother and our father.  Their results include genealogical information as well as health information.  In my quest to understand my own results, I wrote a series of posts for my personal blog, Jones Family Matters.

Here are the topics and their corresponding links:
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Health Results from 23andme
Looking at Disease Risk with 23andme
Understanding Relative Disease Risk with 23andme

If I could wave a magic wand, all of my cousins would submit a sample so we could see how much we have in common.  I just submitted a sample from my husband, who can trace two lines to that area.  I can't wait for the results.

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