Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Cincinnati House - This Saturday!

One of the things that I love about genealogy is 'walking' in my ancestors' shoes. There are many ways to make your ancestor become more than facts and figures and learning about their residence is one of them. Sometimes the same house was passed down within the same family and sometimes not. Did your ancestor purchase the house from someone famous or infamous? Does the house still stand? Do any pictures or maps survive?

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is kicking off a new series, "My Cincinnati House." Every other month a speaker and owner of a Cincinnati home will give a presentation on the history of their house and their experiences. There are certain to be many tips provided on researching historic homes that might be applied to your own research!

On Saturday, January 14, Dr. Jim Creech will tell us about his house in the heart of Over-the-Rhine built in 1847. Dr. Creech says "I didn't know I would be moving in with the many people who preceded me and whose lives left their imprint on the property. The bricks and mortar have turned out to be a portal into time and into a very human history."

Saturday, January 14, 2:00 pm
Genealogy & Local History Program Space, Third Floor
Dr. Jim Creech


  1. Thanks Kathy for finding a picture of the house.

  2. We live in an historic house in St. Louis and I really enjoyed researching its history. I know so much about the two previous owners that I feel like they are part of my family tree! Researching the history of a home - yours or an ancestors - is very much like conducting a family history, and really helps to paint a picture of the lives of the owners. Wish I still lived in Cincinnati so I could see the series!

  3. Kim, Perhaps we can find a way .... If not for this one then for later ones in the series!

  4. This ended up being a fantastic presentation. Patricia Van Skaik estimates that between 250 and 300 people were in attendance. No one anticipated this kind of interest. Great information for genealogists. Dr. Creech had traced the ancestry of some of the people that had lived in the house. Inspiring!


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