Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lost in the Mail ....

UPDATE!!!! Good news! The checks and research requests that were 'Lost in the Mail' arrived today, 27 February - nearly a month after their initial mailing. If you have already sent a replacement check, we will mark it 'Void' and return it to you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Library of Congress
Perhaps a sled and dog team would be a more reliable way for the HCGS to send mail between board members! A recent mailing of checks, membership renewals, new member applications, research requests, book orders and a donation to the J. Richard Abell Fund has been lost by the post office.

We are contacting as many people as possible via e-mail and regular mail.  The requests were received between January 18 and January 26, 2012. If you made a request during this time period and have not received a response from us, please contact us at or 513-956-7078. We will provide further directions to you on receipt of email or a phone call.

Please note that if you were a renewal member, your renewal has been processed for 2012. Your Tracer will arrive on schedule. However, we will need to receive another check. Please contact us as noted above if you believe you may have been affected by the lost mail packets.

Picture Credit:
"Mail Team before the Railroad Came" digital image, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Online Catalog ( : accessed 23 February 2012).

This message is from the Hamilton County Genealogical Society. If you are receiving this blog-post via an email subscription, you are missing a wonderful photograph from the Library of Congress depicting a sled and dog mail team on the Skenna River.

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