Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hamilton County Records Preservation

Hamilton County Recorders Office

Jim Dempsey Director-at-Large has been working with the Hamilton County Recorders Office on records preservation. The Recorders Office is continuing to upload deed indexes and post them on their website as they become available. Some illegible deed indexes will be rescanned from the originals and put online. Also Jim is working with the Recorder to include other materials such as WPA cemetery maps. All non-deed indexes prior to 1900 will be put online on the Recorders Office website. Typed indexes by HCGS will be put on the Chapter website eventually. The online information will include a link to Bill Graver’s book Hamilton County, Ohio, Guide to Recorder's Indexes and Documents, 1794-1988 to demonstrate how it can be used in conjunction with the information included in the indexes.
His work at the Probate Court has expanded from just a name and page index to include, case number, year of record and year of recording, names of executors, administrators, guardians and parent if given. The information will be put into a searchable database.

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