Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Find Your Ancestor's 1940 Address

As you know, next week the 1940 Census records will become available. Since an index to this census won't be available for some time, knowing your ancestor's 1940 Enumeration District will help you find them. An earlier blog post described how to find the Enumeration District. Knowing your ancestor's 1940 street address is an important first step to finding their Enumeration District.

A City Directory for 1941 will probably list your ancestor's address in 1940. (The information published in the 1941 Directory was collected in 1940). Some people have access to city directories through subscription databases such as Ancestry.com or through their local library.  However, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County has uploaded their collection of Cincinnati City Directories to their Virtual Library and it's accessible from your own computer! So, avoid a potential line at the library and find your ancestor's 1940 address now:
This 1941 Cincinnati City Directory is separated into three different files:
Each file will open in a separate window once you click on it. To help you find what you need quickly, I've listed the contents of each file here:

Each file is searchable by pressing CTRL + F.*

Happy hunting!

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Submitted by:  Jenny Davis

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