Sunday, March 11, 2012

We've Been Busy

As I write this, I am aware that many members of our Chapter live out-of-town.  Through this blog, we've heard from some of you. A couple have even volunteered to be a part of one of our Long-Range Planning Committees.  One of our members from California contacted us after reading a post on our facebook page that had relevant information for one of her ancestors.  In our correspondence, she told me that she will be attending the NGS conference in Cincinnati.  It is a pleasure to know that this blog may have relevance for not only our "in town" members, but also our "out-of-town" members.  We love hearing from you.

Those of us who live here have had some wonderful educational opportunities over the past couple of months.  During February, our Program Chair Linda Dietrich arranged two behind-the-scenes visits at the Cincinnati History Library and Archives.  As the CHLA has a strict no camera policy, we were able to get permission to take a couple of pictures in their Reading Room.  The tour proved so popular that the tour had to be scheduled twice.

On Saturday, March 10th, our Irish Interest Chair Mary Ann Faloon and Membership Chair Eileen Muccino collaborated on a wonderful presentation about the conditions faced by the Irish in Cincinnati from the years 1850-1860.  About 40 people attended their presentation. A summary of the conditions the Irish confronted can be summed up in the sign below.

Eileen Muccino and Mary Ann Faloon
Despite the difficulties faced by our immigrants in Cincinnati, it was nice to hear that things were much better for the sons and daughters of the immigrants.  A study of the second generation showed that the Irish adapted to their new environment and that only 9% of the men in the second generation were employed as unskilled laborers.  Most made significant moves toward becoming part of the middle class.  As Linda Dietrich commented during the question and answer period, the Irish story seems to be one that we've all heard before as each immigrant group tries to assimilate and become American.

If you live in this region, now may be a good time to update your calendar and take advantage of the April Chapter Meeting, the OGS Conference in Toledo and the NGS Conference that we are hosting in May. You can find out what some of the opportunities in this area by clicking on the calendar that is a part of this blog.  

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