Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are You Having Trouble Finding German Church Records?

A little-known resource in Cincinnati could hold the answers to your dilemma. Known as the Nippert German Methodist Collection, it covers churches, hospitals, colleges, and other affiliate organizations active until World War I. At that time most were absorbed into the Methodist Episcopal Church. The material collected came from all over the country, not just the Cincinnati area. The German Methodist Church was founded in Cincinnati.

It was a long time in my genealogy journeys before I found the hole in the proverbial stone wall. A case of serendipity led me to the source. The Cincinnati History Library and Archives at the Cincinnati Museum Center houses the collection. Most of the information is in German, but it is generally pretty easy to glean the information. If you are up against that stone wall it may be worth your effort to pay the Library a visit (1301 Western Avenue). The material is well indexed.

Contributed by Ellyn Kern, a member of the Hamilton County Chapter attending the NGS Conference this week. Ellyn wrote about her experiences with the Nippert Collection in the NGS Newsmagazine, May/June 2000.

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