Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NGS Conference "Official Blogger"

We are proud to announce that our Hamilton County Genealogical Society blog is among a limited number of blogs selected to "get the word out" during the Conference.  We will have the opportunity to add items of interest to conference attendees as they happen in real time. A link to our blog and those of other "Official Bloggers" will be provided by NGS to conference participants.  The posts will not necessarily follow a normal post format.  Some may be much shorter and lend themselves to being viewed on smart phones, ipods and other small devices.

In addition to the formal, scheduled events for the conference, I encourage you to consider stopping by the Christian Moerlein Lager House on The Banks on Thursday evening anytime after 7:00 PM.  This event is UNOFFICIAL and we have no idea how many people may show up.  The Lager House has a Beer Garden and know we are coming.  They said they would try to group some tables together.  Thursday evening is also the night where conference participants may visit the Freedom Center.  These venues are very close together and I'm hoping people will choose to do both.  I'm hoping that some of our out-of-town Chapter members can take advantage of this opportunity to connect with the locals.

Questions?  Feel free to email me at khreed@cinci.rr.com.  Put NGS in the subject line. If you know you will be attending, I encourage you to click on "comments" below and leave a response.

Kathy Reed

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  1. Congratulations on the Official Blogger status! I look forward to reading your posts about the conference.


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