Tuesday, October 16, 2018

German Genealogy Resources

Oldenburg Ancestors
October is German Genealogy month. I recently became interested in trying to extend my maternal German line because of my new understanding of mitochondrial DNA. I inherited my mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from my ggg-grandmother, Maria Cathrena Bohm who was born in Bavaria in 1814. I have not researched beyond Cathrena, but now I'm curious to go back farther.

So what resources are available? During this past month, a page was added on the Hamilton County Genealogical Society that is devoted to German genealogy. There is a wealth of information all nicely-organized in one place on our German Interest Group page. HCGS Members can also access a video presentation by Jeff Herbert on What's New in German Research.

Jeff discussed several websites available for German research. Here is a list:

International German Genealogy Partnership            www.iggpartner.org

Oldenburg Emigration Records                                www.honkomp.de/damme-auswanderung

Oldenburg Emigration Records Index                     www.auswanderer-oldenburg.de/index.php

Oldenburg Church Records                                     www.fak-om.de//admin.php

Note: This is a pay site.

Matricula (Online Catholic Records)                      www.matricula-online.eu

Archion (Online Protestant Records)                      www.archion.de

                      Note: This is a pay site.

Meyers Orts                                                               www.meyersgaz.org

Association for Computer (German) Genealogy          www.compgen.de



Emslander Emigration                                             www.emslanders.com

Note: All of these sites have an English language option. Most are free. Now you've got your research plan for the colder days ahead.

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Kathleen Reed

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