Tuesday, October 23, 2018

HCGS on YouTube

Hamilton County Genealogical Society members are certainly aware that one of their Member Benefits includes multiple videos on the website. Some are available to the public and others are for "Members Only."

Many of the videos that are also posted on YouTube address DNA and related topics for genetic genealogy. Others were co-sponsored by the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. It is easy to "subscribe" to all HCGS videos on YouTube. (http://www.youtube.com) Follow these steps:

Click on the "Subscribe" button. This will store all videos posted by HCGS to be accessible from the left-side menu.

If you've not used YouTube before, I suggest you spend a few minutes searching on any topic you want to know about. It's like having Google with video. Enjoy!

Submitted by:
Kathy Reed

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